Rate limit ::cloudflare_error_1000s_box::

hello. I was playing at the online casino and had technical issues with one game. I tried to sign in to casino from another browser and got that error RATE LIMIT

What is this? I cant reach website now and my account with my funds. Casino offered me to reboot my internet connection, I did that but nothing.

That’s a thing only the owner can solve.
That error basically means that you have hit a specific limit of requests within a certain time frame.

No bad idea. But you need to ensure that your IP changed after rebooting your router.
Some providers don’t change it immediately when there was a disconnect. If you have a static IP, there’s no chance and you have to wait.

Thank you, Mark for your reply.I think I have static IP. What do you mean I need to wait? Somehow it will fix automatically?

2020-05-22, pn, 16:10 MarkMeyer via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> rašė:

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