Rate Limit Pricing Question (request or page)?

My site gets about 3 - 4 million page views per month. According to Cloudflare, my monthly requests are approximately 287 million. I am guessing the reason for the disparity is that a page can have many elements, where Cloudflare is counting each element on the page as a request. So if I implement page limiting, for each page that is successfully served, will I be charged for that page as a single request or (assume the page has 20 elements), will I be charged for that page as 20 requests?

“Requests” aren’t necessarily the amount of elements on the page, but rather actual HTTP requests to your domain (including subdomains). A page view will count as a request, but browsers requesting things like .css or .js files will also count as a request. You can track this by opening your browser’s devtools (f12), going to the “network” tab, then reloading the page and watching the number of requests made. For this website, community.cloudflare.com:


You will only be charged for requests your rate limit triggers, so if you say only rate limit your login or sign up page, you will be charged less than if you rate limit your entire website.

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