Rate limit on different IPs

Hello everyone,
I have a question that may be dumb because I am very new to Cloudflare, but maybe you can help.

If someone tried to interrupt the service of my website, they could do massive parallel requests (e.g. 10 per second) from a large number of IPs (e.g. each request gets a new ip).

How can I block such requests? With rate limiting I can stop single ips from trying to DDOS me, but not when someone uses a proxy network (which are widely available for low cost).

Will Cloudflare automatically block such requests? They could be identified since the user would only request the HTML of the page and not all graphics, js, etc. But how can I achieve that?

Thank you very much

A single IP is a DoS - the extra D means Distributed in DDoS. So what you are concerned about is DDoS - Cloudflare’s automated DDoS mitigations will deal with a distributed attack.

If you have a specific behaviour we’re not blocking - you can use Firewall Rules to block or challenge that based on all sorts of criteria.


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Wow, thank you for that super fast answer!

I have one more question, maybe I should open a new topic but I do not want to spam here.

Is there some way to sync multiple accounts? My shops run on multiple domains, but I would like to configure them all the same way. Now I need to click through configuration for each domain. Can I somehow sync them?

At the moment the configuration for each domain (we call these zones) is managed individually.

If you’re a developer, you can manage multiple configurations more easily using terraform:


This basically allows you to manage the configuration as code and could be easier to make bulk changes across multiple zones.

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