Rate Limit on Cloudflare Workers API

Hello Community,

I’m encountering a challenge with Cloudflare Workers and would like to ask for your assistance in finding a solution. I have an SMS sending API set up with Workers, but I’m running into a limit of 1000 requests every 10 seconds imposed by Cloudflare. This is proving to be restrictive for my client’s operations.

Has anyone faced a similar situation or have any experience dealing with request limits on Cloudflare Workers? Is there a way to view this limit and possibly increase it?

I appreciate any guidance or suggestions you can offer. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Do you have any rate limiting rules setup on your zone? What is the response you’re getting when you hit this limit? Are you certain it’s not coming from another upstream service you use? What Workers plan are you on?

I’m not aware of anything else that would impose a 1000 reqs per 10 seconds limit with Workers, and know many folks pushing significantly more volume than that.

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