Rate Limit for page views only, excluding all static files: jpg, png, svg, js, css etc

I’am newbie and I want to know, is it right way to set Rate Limit for page views for my website or not.
I want to set Rate Limit only for page views, not for static files like images, CSS and JS (jpg, png, svg, js, css etc.). My website pages don’t have *.html or *.php at the end.

Path is always going to contain a slash, so you can get rid of that check. Then you’ll just need a long list of AND “does not contain” for each of the extensions you don’t want to rate limit: .jpg, etc.

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Why I should point “.jpg”, “.png”, etc, while I can point just “.” in the “does not contain” rule?

You know your site doesn’t have dots in it, but bots don’t. You’ll want to rate limit something that starts scanning your site for all kinds of .php and other random stuff you don’t have.

I don’t bother about scanning for non-existing pages. Because in this case, bots will get 404 error. My goal is preventing website scraping (existing pages).

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