Rate Limit for Enterprise users

I was reading this Cloudflare post (… Unmetered Rate Limiting for Self Serve customers - Cloudflare Blog) that says:

“However, we believe that an essential security tool like Rate Limiting should be available to all customers without restrictions.”

But from what I understand, this is only available to everyone only if you are a Free, Pro or Business user, correct?

If you are an Enterprise user you will always have to pay for the Advanced Rate Limit and cannot use the “basic” Rate Limit, am I right?

Hi @flavio_tom,

While your statement is correct, it is only partially so.
Please check this document to understand Enterprise offerings:

Due to additional features which may affect Rate Limiting capabilities, the wording on the blog could be confusing.

Thank you.

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@oshariff, From what I understand, even to use Rate Limit with “Enterprise with WAF Essential” I need to make a new contract. Correct?

Enterprise negotiation, pricing and restrictions are all custom. For a solid answer, you should contact your Customer Success Manager or another member of your account team.


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