Rate Limit Flaw

I’ve been using Rate Limit for a while but a few days ago I received a bill shock.

It was probably an automated response. If you reply, it should go to a human.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Bug Support. Hopefully Cloudflare will find a way to cap billing for Rate Limiting.

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I cant help - but you are right - you cant protect or use service like this without logs, get your logs ready now, use logflare or use a worker,
you will need to get alerts from your log service to know about anything unusual

so for example if you are somewhere around 300rps you will want to know when you go about it for x amount or time

or if your most visited day you are getting 400k requests you will want to know when you go above it

I’m on Elastic but the attack didn’t allow logs to flow out

thats why your logs should be on service that can sustain ddos attacks… logflare or the worker solutotion will be able to operate under attack

From my understanding, elastic could handle the traffic, it’s just the instance which was supposed to send the logs over to elastic is dead, no instance, no traffic to log provider.

Which one do you personally use, Logflare or worker?

I am using the worker with logdna, but I started using it before Logflare created and it working good for me.

and if you really looking for cf alternative(I hope its ok to talk about it here) from my knowledge there is few but they cost more and with no good free plan + less features

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