Rate limit even for whitelisted IPs


we are having trouble with whitelisting requests from our companies IP-Range: From time to time it happens that requests to Cloudflare get answered with an 429 status (From Cloudflare directly). When logging in to Cloudflare, we checked the firewall overview and could see that there were a lot of blocked requests from one of our external IP addresses.

The service is “Rate limiting” and the rule ID is 6. We do not have a rule with that number. We already tried to add whitelist entries and Firewall->Tools and added

  • Specific IP addresses
  • The complete address block as CIDR notation like x.y.z.0/24
  • The ASN given to us from our provider

The entries apply to all websites of our account. We also set the Firewall->Settings->Security Level option to “Essentially Off” and tried to create a custom firewall rule with our IPs to be allowed. Firewall->Tools->Rate Limiting is also disabled.

All of these actions do not seem to affect the rate limit rule. I think that as described in the help section for IP Access Rules:

Whitelist: Ensures that an IP address will never be blocked from accessing your website. Only use for verified IPs that you trust!

this is not the intended behavior. Do you have any suggestions to fix this?

Thanks in advice

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