Rate limit by adding latency

In the docs here - Configuring Cloudflare Rate Limiting – Cloudflare Help Center

I only see block, challenge, js challenge, and simulate. Is it possible to make requests take longer as a rate limit mitigation? I am on first tier Pro subscription plan.

Sorry, those are the only options. At best, Free Plan has Bot Fight mode which is supposed to slow down connections, but for some reason, paid plans don’t have that option.

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Ah, thanks for the fast reply. Any plan after Pro offer adding latency?

Oddly enough, no. Which is why it’s so strange that once the new Super Bot Fight mode systems were introduced, paid plans lost that regular bot fight mode. That’s the only mechanism I know of that Cloudflare adds latency to.

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Oh interesting, thank you.

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I think that you are looking for the burst with delay rate limit feature of Nginx. It is good, but it adds a queue of pending requests that I doubt are wanted at Cloudflare edge, best is to reject a connection right after it meets a certain set threshold (in terms of performance to handle the most capacity).

I don’t think this is a feature that Cloudflare or any big vendor will offer in the near future but I could be wrong :slight_smile: .


Thanks @jnperamo for that reasoning and that idea!

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