Rate Limit Amount


I would like to know if there is any charge for the Rate Limit function when it comes to the amount of traffic that passes through the rule.

Yes, Cloudflare’s Rate Limiting feature is subject to charges based on the amount of good traffic that matches your rate limiting rules. The first 10,000 legitimate requests per month are free, and after that, you are charged in increments of 10,000 requests. To avoid unexpected charges, you can monitor your usage through the Cloudflare dashboard and set up billing alerts to keep track of your costs.

No longer true, the new version of Rate Limiting is free and unmetered. Instead of charging for requests, it unlocks additional features based on plan level.

In addition to the hint I was getting by a tool I looked at, I also reviewed the plan page. Neither is inline with the correction. Happy to be wrong, but the official Cloudflare pricing/ plan does not appear to align.

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Fair enough I see it, I’ll bug the appropriate people to get that updated. Thanks for the pointer.

I also reviewed the documentation and see it isn’t mentioned explicitly there, just implied in a line where it says that the old version costs money. That will also be adjusted.

If the previous version was already in use before the launch of the new version then it appears in the dashboard with this remark about switching to the new one:

So anyone who wants to know whether they’re charged can check whether it says they’re using the previous version or not. Hopefully.

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