Rate limit ajax request when it has a particular query string


I am on a pro plan and looking for a way to rate limit an AJAX request when it has a certain query string. This query string can be added at the end of any URL of the website. Can you please help how would the setting look like?

I tried *query_param* as the URL, however, that does not seem to work.

I believe this is only possible with the new version of Rate Limiting that uses Cloudflare’s Ruleset Engine. Unfortunately, I don’t think this version is generally available yet - and even then, it might be reserved for Enterprise customers.

But according to the blog post, there’s a chance it will be made available to Pro/Business at a later date:

If you are a Pro or Biz customer, you won’t be able to use Advanced Rate Limiting, but we are planning to give some advantages to Pro and Biz plans as well.

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