Raspberry Pi Tunnel - 502 Error on sites


I was using my windows PC as the tunnel… Endpoint??. Anyway, i wanted to switch it over to the raspberry pi.

All i did for the pi was copy and paste the script that is presents on the tunnel setup page on cloudflares zero trust then tunnel section.

The tunnel immediately presents as healthy.

When you then try to visit any of the pages that i have configured in Public Hostname, which are identical to the working ones when the tunnel was on my PC, i get a 502 error from the sites and a Cloudflare page saying it is a Host Error 502.

Other than switching to the PI, nothing has changed. For example one of the hostnames was router. domain. com and that was to an https webpage for . This worked before and does not now.

I am completely stumped. I am not a massive linux user. I’m a bit better at it than my technophobe mum but beyond that my expertise trails off rapidly. I don’t even know how to find the config file to enable debug logging, mainly because i don’t know how to find the default install directory.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice. Have a fantastic day.