Ransom threat email

I have received 3 emails threatening to expose my personal data if I don’t bitcoin them $790. The email id on Cloudflare is: nhXCP9BSQjoh which I could see on the Cloudflare email routing page. I think the gmail bulk email message (id = UjbquzH38EAL) might be them trying to send out the personal data. > Before asking, did you search first? Press :mag: at the upper right to search.

Cloudflare has no control over the content that is sent through Email Routing. If you feel that a user is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report at Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

You will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation code in the Subject. While the Trust and Safety team will review the details of your report, that may be the only reply you receive.

You can also report the email to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be filed via this forum.