Randomly unable to reach websites

Not sure why some websites randomly become unreachable when I use Cloudflare DNS, then after a while become accessible again without me doing anything.

A few days ago it was Amazon.ca. Just few moments ago it’s Bestbuy.ca. I am in US Eastern timezone and Bestbuy.ca became inaccessible around 18:50 Dec 4th. It’s now 19:50 and it’s accessible again.

  • No, the website itself is not down when it happens.
  • Problem instantly fixed switching to another DNS like Google.

Why does this happen? Seems kinda unreliable.

What was the error message?

this is same as mine i have two free domain was connected to cloudflare, different server ip if the one was died unknown reason why site can’t reached also another site do same thing.

I’ve been getting the same thing for a week or two now. Been using Cloudfare dns for couple years with no issues. Random major site like amazon and neflix become unreachable for a while then return to normal. Chrome displays DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
Switching to Google or Open dns fixes it instantly.

The error for me is always
“This site can’t be reached. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”

This first happened to me few weeks ago. It was Twitch Prime page at Amazon (https://twitch.amazon.com/tp). Then during Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, Amazon Canada (amazon.ca) became unresolved for hours, while Amazon.com was normal. Then I encountered the error on BestBuy Canada (bestbuy.ca) as stated on the first post.
Two days ago 2019-12-07 I encountered this again on my phone which had DNS set to 1111.
After changing DNS to another one, page displays properly.

I have to say I’m surprised this service is so unreliable coming from Cloudflare the biggest cdn.

Hi, do you still see issues? Capturing a debug output from would be helpful for pinpointing the issue.

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Thanks for the url. I wish I knew about it before. Not using 1111 on my computers anymore as I set up a dns server myself. But will keep 1111 on phone, I will run it if i encounter this problem again.