Randomly Getting Error 520 Starting Today (Wordpress Site)

My wordpress site is hosted on siteground and running woocommerce. Starting today, the site started encountering frequent 520 error pages. “website is returning an unknown error. Error code 520”. All of cloudflare’s docs say this is a problem with the hosting server, but there are no error logs whatsoever on the hosting side. Nothing was changed with the site. It just started happening today out of nowhere. If I pause cloudflare, the problem stops (but obviously I don’t want cloudflare paused). I thought it may have been optimization settings, so I tried development mode, but the error still happens in development mode.

I have cloudflare’s DNS A records pointing to my siteground hosting IP address, so I know the DNS records are fine (also considering everything worked perfect for months until today). I updated woocommerce and other plugins to make sure that wasn’t a cause, and still same issue. This seems like and error on cloudflare’s end. Anyone had this problem? I’ve tried every solution in the book and right now I’m stuck with cloudflare paused.

Started a ticket with cloudflare support 4 days ago, no response other than a canned response directing me to the standard causes for 520 errors. 100% positive there are no errors on the webhost side. I’m a paying customer. Very frustrating no one is helping. On the verge of cancelling my paid plan with cloudflare and dumping it entirely.

Hello, it looks like the ticket is pending your response. We will go ahead and continue our communication through the ticket.