Random value in "Expires" response header - affects cache

A seemingly random Expires date is currently mistakenly set by Cloudflare on each page of both of my sites, despite my page rules and workers. Nothing has changed or has been changed on my end since the last time I examined the Response Headers. The minimum time on a page is one day (with a corresponding max-age=86400 within workers for Cache-Control. The maximum is a full year for .ico and .svg files. .css is cached for two months. Each has a corresponding page rule w a separate worker script set up. And all have been set up for quite some time and functioning properly. Until recently.

Would someone kindly pull my reply out and create a separate topic? Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

3 new screenshots of response headers, specifically Expires headers in combo w date.

So it’s still happening.

I did not understand what you want to do here, but to the point of the whole post…

Are you sure your server isn’t sending something strange? My websites don’t have those headers, while using Cloudflare and before imagining what setting in the dashboard might set those (which I doubt there even is) or thinking of a bug in CF I would check… You not changing anything is not always enough, bugs or stuff happens even if unwanted.

I’m sure; and I just discovered that I now have to add the Origin-Cache-Control page rule set to off. Now the cache is behaving normally (with the time period I set). In the past, if I wanted the cache controlled by my origin, I had to set that page rule, but turned on. I never had to specifically use it as I just discovered I have to. I discovered it through playing with some settings. And I recalled it being said I’m the past that Cloudflare was going to begin behaving as if Origin-Cache-Control was set to on in order to be compliant with an RFC. And thanks for the response @matteo.

Here’s what the response headers normally are on two separate file types. And are again.

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