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in some cases site links create random links. Why does it add some of our applications to our addresses? how can i turn it off?


Can you provide some examples?


I added the subject


Those are redirects. It’s probably not coming from Cloudflare, but check your Cloudflare Page Rules settings for any URL forwarders.

It could be something in your .htaccess file or the forum software itself.

You can bypass Cloudflare to eliminate this possibility by going to your Cloudflare DNS settings and setting your domain entries to :grey: and wait 5 minutes for DNS to propagate. Then see if you still get those redirects.


As you said you have disabled CloudFlare and the problem is solved. random address does not add problem CloudFlare starts when clouds are active.


When I activate CloudFlare, what do I have to do?


Ok, it looks like Cloudflare is causing it, but I don’t know why. Support can probably track this down: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Do you have any Apps installed from the Cloudflare Apps tab?

Do you have any Page Rules? (unlikely to be the cause)

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