Random simultaneous 409s on seemingly unrelated services

I have 2 services monitored by in instance of uptime kuma. Twice, on April 20th and today April 24th, these services have failed checks and returned error 409 at the same time. They both went back up at the next check.

These services are hosted separately - one on cf pages and one on my own server - and are on separate domains. I have other items being checked by the same uptime kuma instance, checking services on the same domain as one of the affected services, that do not have this issue. One of these other monitors is checking another path on of the services that is having this issue, but is not affected.

I’m skeptical that this would be uptime kuma’s fault, as it’s been the same 2 services both times. The only other big similarity is Cloudflare dns.

any ideas why?

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