Random missing images, come back after hard refresh?

I have wordpress websites, also using wp-rocket caching plugin… In the past couple months I have notices my sites if I have not visited it in a while will be missing images or even works some pages broken with missing .ccs files, etc… If I do a quick hard refresh everything comes back… however if someone else is having these same issues when visitng my sites I am sure thats annoying to them and hurting the expierence I would like them to have.

I turned off rocketloader in the passed year and that actually helped with things, but this seems like a new issue… I have a rule with page caching, to cace everything for 6 months… could that be the issue?

Is there any settings I sould enable or disable that could be causing this issue? I like cloudflare and I would like ot keep it one of the caching, speed and safty.


i have a screenshot of console errors.

I have FULL ssl in the enctyption mode, and also an SSL lets encript installe dont on the server… i also have turned on ALWAYS USE HTTPS in edge certificates, and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

could one of these be the issue? i goolge the error and said it might have something to do with how the SSL in configured, like I said, when I do a HARD REFRESH, everything loads up fine…??

wow… very little help here

521 still happening randomly… nothing wrong with my server, has to do with cloudflare… as soon as i refresh the page everything loads up… this is happning across all websites randomly… i guess no one has a solutions so i stumped the entire cloudflare community