Random metadata removal #2

Hi. Just a brief follow-up to Random metadata removal.
The situation is much better, almost perfect. Still, after rechecking now, ~1 % images have the metadata removed in smaller variants whereas original and maximum have it.

Check e.g. b9aaf7e6-9bae-4056-4194-c835a8ec5d00 or 8c39bfb7-f787-454f-e054-3dad0b1d4c00 for such a phenomenon.

is it random removal or persistent per variant? Do you small variants have a metadata option set to strip?


Everything just follows our private conversation https://community.cloudflare.com/t/https-community-cloudflare-com-t-random-metadata-removal-436012/436267/10.

I just reran the same test we used in Nov after 3 months.

1 % sounds more of a random to me. I have no idea what could be the cause.

Original file is PNG. For “big/original” variants that don’t produce change of dimensions we keep PNG and preserve its metadata. For small variants we do resizing and convert it to progressive jpeg and it that case we do not copy metadata over.

Thanks for the explanation. Not sure about now, yet I have not seen it in the docs - would be worth mentioning.

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