Random images not displaying on mobile/tablet - Siteground hosted site

Hello, I have built a new website for my client in Wordpress and 3 days ago moved the hosting from the client’s previous host to Siteground by updating A and CNAME records in their existing Cloudflare account. I have no access to this Cloudflare account and must rely on the client’s previous IT company to do this for me. I also asked them to flush the Cloudflare cache. Propagation was successful and the website displays correctly on the desktop version but random images are missing on the mobile and tablet versions. This occurs on my iphone, my partner’s iphone and my ipad, however, others e.g. Siteground support can see all images successfully. Also, one iphone displays the image and not the logo on one of the pages, but the other iphone displays the logo and not the image for the same page. This is also changing and this morning some logos started appearing.
Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try please?
Also, would it be a better idea to move the domain from the previous IT company’s Cloudflare to my own Cloudflare account as I successfully host other websites through Siteground with Cloudflare. Thanks, Jeff

What’s the domain?

Hi, its www.bdcaus.com
Thanks, Jeff

Considering it looks like a responsive design, and not separate content for different devices, I’m going to suspect it’s related to the connection. I also can’t replicate the problem on my mobile devices.

For the mobile devices, are they on the same wifi as your desktop devices? Have you tried switching networks, such a connecting over cellular (or wifi if it was cellular before)?

Yes you are correct. Other people we have asked are able to see all the images as well. I thought the same thing since the mobile devices are on the same wifi so we tried switching networks to cellular but still get the same problem. Some images that weren’t there yesterday randomly appeared this morning and then disappeared again. I’m just not sure what else to try. Thanks, Jeff

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