Random HTTP/2.0 connections between Cloudflare and our origin


We are debugging random HTTP 520 issues between some of our clients and Cloudflare.

We found out that these random 520 errors happen because of a misconfiguration on our origin server, which is triggered under the following circumstances:

  • A client connects to Cloudflare with a big (>8k bytes) “Authorization” header
  • Cloudflare connects to our origin using HTTP/2.0
  • Our origin returns an HTTP code “000” when it receives a HTTP/2.0 connection with headers above a certain threshold.

We since then managed to mitigate the issue by increasing some configuration settings on our origin.

However, the HTTP 520 error our clients were experiencing looked “random” because:

  • The requests with the “big” header were working fine using HTTP/1.1. They represented about 75% of the requests made.
  • Requests made with this “big” header AND HTTP/2.0 don’t work, and they represent 25% of the requests made.

After reading the “Understanding Cloudflare HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 Support” document:

Cloudflare only uses HTTP/1.x between the origin web server and Cloudflare.

Is there anything that we could have misconfigured so that Cloudflare actually connects to our origin using HTTP/2.0 in ~25% of the cases?

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