Random Error 525 - SSL handshake failed


I know this is a very common and well documented issue.
I have several of websites proxied by Cloudflare and hosted in Kinsta using there Cloudflare integration.

Started today i’m seeing the “SSL handshake failed” but not in all requests. usually when i run 10 request on of them will return with this error, and if i will refresh the page it will load properly, in some cases the 525 will appear in one of page assets - img/js/css files.

From tests i run, this only happened using my ISP in Israel, when i tried to reproduce it by using VPN i don’t get this error.

Kinsta claiming there are no errors in server log and i have no idea what can affect this.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 71a36eee65828e4e

Thanks for the help.

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