Random 525 Error

Good day. I have 30-40 domains for working. Always 5-10 domains don’t want correctly and shows 525: SSL handshake failed. For 10% IP-addresses this problem domains works always good, for another 90% don’t work. The error can shows always, but sometimes for 1-2 minutes can show correctly the site, after that again shows error. Cloudflare can’t help me, but wrote this error:
Fail to proxy: Upstream TLSHandshakeFailure context: TLS connect() failed: unexpected EOF, SNI: MY_DOMAIN
If disable Cloudflare, all works very good.
The problem domain after registe can works correctly 5-30 days and in random moment shows 525 error. IN the server all is good.

SSL always correctly works in our server. Ciphers supports all. 443 port always work.
I’m tried solve the problem in 4 month and can’t solve.

SNI supported too in nginx.

  1. SSL always correct in the server.
  2. 443 port always work final.
  3. 5-8 domains from 30 works with error 525 handshake error.
  4. Domains withour cloudfare always works correctly.
  5. SNI support enabled.
  6. I’m already read and tried all FAQ in the Cloudflare, in the internet on two languages.

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