Random 522 errors for the past couple of days


My website is facing intermittent 522 errors for the past couple of days, my host is hostgator india.

Upon discussing with hostgator, they’ve mentioned my site is receiving lot of bad bots causing 522 & i take it up with Cloudflare.

Below is a portion of the dump given by hostgator, have replaced my domain with generic one. Please help as I have no idea what to do & its slowing down my website.

ADERS:User-Agent. [file “/opt/mod_security/hg_rules.conf”] [line “585”] [id “999812”] [msg “Problematic Crawler”] [hostname “mydomain(dot)com”] [uri “/index.php/product/colorful-candle-holder/”] [unique_id “Yn-GGC3kTCQ5VhuBHM9RFwABDCQ”]
[Sat May 14 10:36:08.465435 2022] [:error] [pid 640118:tid 23004611647232] [client] [client] ModSecurity: Warning. Matched phrase “Dotbot” at REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent. [file “/opt/mod_security/hg_rules.conf”] [line “168”] [id “350001”] [msg “BAD BOT - Detected LOGGING”] [data “406”] [hostname “mydomain(dot)com”] [uri “/index.php/product/colorful-candle-holder/”] [unique_id “Yn-GGC3kTCQ5VhuBHM9RFwABDCQ”]
[Sat May 14 10:36:12.320844 2022] [:error] [pid 642886:tid 23004752430848] [client] [client] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 406 (phase 1). Pattern match “ZoominfoBot|NetcraftSurveyAgent|MJ12bot|(?i:BUbiNG)|D(?i:otbot)| oBot/|MegaIndex\\.ru|Barkrowler|Spbot|DomainCrawler|Seznam|CCBot|SiteExplorer|OpenLinkProfiler|Sogou web spider|360Spider|Semrush|Panscient|crawler\\.feedback([+]\\S+)?@gmail\\.com|MauiBo …” at REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent. [file “/opt/mod_security/hg_rules.conf”] [line “585”] [id “999812”] [msg “Problematic Crawler”] [hostname “mydomain(dot)com”] [uri “/index.php/product/rectangle-deep-box/”] [unique_id “Yn-GHJ4TFJyjXShReRzVTAAABgQ”]

Additionally hostgator asked my to upgrade to a dedicated server, which am sure isn’t the case as my website doesn’t hog that much of resources.

Would really appreciate a response, the instances are completely random, have tried disabling & removing unnecessary plugins from the site as well.
Query monitor shows this on backend :

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