Random 500 error not in logs and anywhere else

I have my API written in django + drf (nginx + gunicorn) behind Cloudflare. I’m using WAF for one endpoint to bypass everything.
I’m sending HTTP request to this endpoint every 30 seconds and randomly every ~20-30 minutes I’m getting 500 status code error. These errors (and requests) are not in nginx logs, sentry issues, gunicorn logs, Cloudflare waf events, response body is empty. I don’t know what is causing this error.
I’ve compared headers of req with 200 status code and 500: https://pastebin.com/5csLybLC
What should I do to find the cause of this error?

Btw I have this issue since yesterday, website didn’t had any updates for last 7 days. I belive it’s problem with Cloudflare.

Any solutions? I analysed it whole day and I don’t belive that it’s not Cloudflare issue

Hello, this is also starting to happen to us since 2 days ago. Giving response 500 to the client, but no records on any logs. This can be serious.

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Thanks for info that I’m not alone. I’ve tested accessing to my api without Cloudflare and everything was fine. I hope Cloudflare will fix this problem ASAP.

Are you seeing these error 500 responses on the Cloudflare analytics dashboard if you filter by Edge response status 500? When the errors started to happen?

No, even filtering by ray id (received in response header) is not showing anything.

~3 days ago

We have been facing it since 2on of February too. We do not see the increment in the logs outside Cloudflare dashboard (log pull/logpush), but we do see the increment on the basic dashboard analytics on Cloudflare panel. Even static resources are shown returning errors 500. The problem is triggering our monitoring systems too.

Oh you’re talking about Web Traffic Analytics? I’m not pro user so I don’t have access to these logs. I’ve only checked security events (this endpoint is in WAF).

Are your error 500 problems persisting? On our end are still happening.

I’ve changed my Connection: Keep-Alive header to Connection: close in my requests and it works fine. However it’s only temporarily solution, we should use Keep-Alive when it’s possible.



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