RANCH277.com resolving to wrong IP

I set up RANCH277.COM on Cloudflare a couple of weeks ago.

The site we made is at IP {redacted} and hosted on Liquid Web. It
can be seen here:

While my Cloudflare control panels shows the correct IP on the A Record,
that is NOT where it is taking visitors.

It is directing them to the OLD Bluehost website, not the new website
above. sSomething is cached onthe Cloudflare site. If i set the DNS on
Cloudflare to DNS only, the correct website appears.

I have tried deleting the Cloudflare account and re-adding, but as soon
as i re-add the account it skips the setup and uses the same details
from the first time I set it up. Everything is still there.

Please advise


Thank you for asking.

I’d suggest you to kindly ask your old hosting provider Bluehost to re-check and unhook your domain name integration for Cloudflare through their interface as a SaaS.

Ask Bluehost to check just in case if there is some CNAME record / hostname for your domain name at their side left.

It knows to be an issue when we use some hosting providers which enable SaaS for our domain name/website.

Kindly, ask them to re-check this and remove/delete if so.

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