Raise API rate limit (Queues)


I’m trying Queues but the global API rate limit of 1200 req/5min is way to low when using external workers polling the API to get messages. Think 100+ EC2 instances waiting for messages to arrive by calling the https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4 /accounts/{account_id}/queues/{queue_id}/messages/pull API every second. This will result in 100605 = 30,000 req/5min and I also need to ack messages which is another API call…

I filled out this form but received no response within a week: Cloudflare Developer Platform: Limit Increase Request Form


As I recall, while it’s in open beta, the rate limits are a little on the low side. Ah, here’s the reference:

I suggest you reach out to them in Discord, as the doc recommends. They’d probably like to hear about your use case. Though from what the docs outline, it sounds like batching is the correct approach.

I never received feedback on Discord either… Discord

How does Cloudflare work? Do I simply pay for support to raise API limits? I’m used only to AWS where I can always increase quotas no matter what support level I subscribe to.