Rails app with devise -- sign in and sign out routes are blocked

I’m new to Cloudflare, but I have SSL setup properly and everything is kosher with the webapp. However, the /users/sign_in, /users/sign_out, and Oauth routes don’t work. When I use the heroku subdomain, there are no issues so this leads me to think something is off with the Cloudflare setup. I left everything as the default, and I’m on the free plan — any suggestions?


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Hi there,

When you say “don’t work” can you clarify what you mean - is a specific HTTP response returned? If you open your browser’s developer tools and open the network tab while replicating, what do you see? e.g. a 5XX or 4XX error for those URLs?

Thanks Simon! Yes, it returns a 422 error – when I use the subdomain provided by Heroku, then all works fine. So I think it’s something with Clourflare, but I am not 100% sure.

I am seeing major issues with my site now (i.e. assets missing, error 522 on certain pages), but I am assuming it’s from the Fastly issues across the web =)

Can you clarify - 422 or 522 error? When you reproduce the error, do you see this response being logged in your origin server access or error logs?

It’s a 422, but right now on the custom domain I can’t get past the Cloudflare 522 error:

Does this seem like it’s from the Fastly outage?

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