RailGuns Not Working

I just got a new host. They offer RailGuns. I had to ask them to set it up. Which they did. I have 7 domains. When they set it up 5 of the domains were setup correctly, 1 had errors, and 1 had no RailGuns. I asked them to fix the last two. The next day the first six domains had errors, and the last domain still had no RailGuns in the control panel although they tell me it had been setup. which it has not. The error I’mnow getting on the 6 domains is

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/0faf44c148e8bdb03503b19105a93e5a/railguns/c89eea6155113f2ca3c6bf7831a7cc2e/diagnose (500)

I repeat. The previous day 5 of these 6 domains were working fine when I run Test. I mentioned this problem to my Host. They said it was between me and CloudFlare, and nothing to do with them. Hence coming here and posting


I don’t know what Railgun looks like through a Partner setup, but from the description, it does match what you described: Your host sets it up through a partner plan.

For clarification, do you have your own Cloudflare account here and your domain uses Cloudflare name servers? And if so, is there a Railgun setting somewhere in your account in the Cloudflare dashboard (dash.cloudflare.com)?

Yes to everything. Except for the last domain where there is no mention of RailGuns in the domains control panel in CloudFlare. So what should I go? Go back to my Host?

Unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan, you have to go to your host, as you’d have no control over Railgun for your domain.

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