Railgun without WWW

I use cloudflare + railgun through my hosting service. I noticed that in the Cloudflare customer area, in the Railgun item, you can take the test to check if everything is OK. I have this error as per screen.
My supplier told me that railgun only works with sites with www, mine is in fact without WWW.
Is it possible to configure railgun also for domains without WWW?
Thanks for any replies.

Your site is not configured to use cloudflare


Never heard that and i didn’t use my naked domain yet, only dubdomains. But you can easily check the response header for “cf-railgun”. Or use Claire to check if railgun is running or not.


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Hello Mark, thank you for your reply.

I use the nameservers of my hosting service because only in this way is it possible to activate railgun. The assistance told me that you need to set up cloudflare exclusively via CNAME and not via DNS, in order to use Railgun.

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