Railgun test fails


I install and start railgun on my server. Then use

netstat -plnt | grep 2408

and verify railgun is running properly.

However, when starting test Railgun, by going to Speed > Optimization > scroll down to Railgun > Test, I get the following result:

Railgun test results for ‘InMotion Dedicated Server’
Railgun ‘InMotion Dedicated Server’ is not configured properly to accelerate datanumen.com. Please make sure Railgun is configured properly.
Method GET
URL https://www.datanumen.com
Response status 200 OK
Protocol HTTP/2.0
Elapsed time 0.123606s
Body size (in bytes) 141203 bytes
Body hash d36161f1d5deeaede618f66ec7f2c3222eb2947c
railgun.test.missing_headers No Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding
Connection close false
CF-Ray ID 68ab3a317ece642e-SJC
Cache status HIT
Location 28 Seattle (SEA)
Cloudflare enabled on
Railgun enabled off

How to solve the problem? Thank you.

Are you on a Business or Enterprise plan?

I am using Business plan

I set the log level to 5 in railgun.conf, as below:

# Log only errors by default
# 0 - log only errors
# 5 - full debug logging (not for production use)
log.level = 5

Then I modify system log based on https://developers.cloudflare.com/railgun/user-guide/increase-logging and then check /var/log/messages, but even search with keyword, I can hardly find anything about it, below is some of my findings:

Sep  7 00:44:38 server rg-listener: [Activation] Generating private key
Sep  7 00:44:38 server rg-listener: [Activation] Generated certificate request
Sep  7 00:44:38 server rg-listener: [Activation] POSTing to https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/railguns/activate ...
Sep  7 00:44:38 server rg-listener: [Activation] Saw Response: &{Status:200 OK StatusCode:200 ...
Sep  7 00:44:38 server rg-listener: [Activation] Acquired cert from server

The cloudflare “no support” mode is really bad. I have submitted a support request ticket two days ago, with all the required files, including railgun.conf, memcached configuration file, log file, etc. but till now no one even gives a reply on it.

I am comparing the performance of Cloudflare and Amazon Cloudfront. With Cloudflare, even with Argo, its speed is a bit slower than Cloudfront. The only reason why I upgrade to Business plan, is to try both Argo and Railgun and see if its performance can be better than Cloudfront. If not, then I will switch to Cloudfront.

During the period when I read the documents on Railgun, there are many errors. That is normal, Microsoft and Google documents have many errors too. But the document indicates “you can contact support” here and there. When actually I contact support, no one replies.

I do not expect to get support from community. However, based on my past experiences, the volunteers in community will provide a more quick and accurate support than the official support staff.

Can you share the ticket number here?

By the way, Railgun should be deprecated soon so I don’t think we will get support in the future regarding this product.

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Thank you. The ticket number is 2249405. You said “Railgun should be deprecated”. Is there any new product that will replace it?

I believe it’s Argo.

Hi, @erictung

Thank you. I have already used Argo. But Argo seems to be optimizing the route of the network, completely different from Railgun, which is keeping a long-live connection between the edge server and the origin and transfer dynamic changed contents with a special algorithm

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