Railgun still points to old server after dns change



Hi all!

I’ve just moved my site to a new server (same hosting company) and somehow railgun still points to the old server ip
I’ve changed all my dns records on cloudflare and have logged out of cloudflare from the old server
is it possible that it happened because my acc on the old server is still active (they haven’t delete it)
help needed, thanks guys!


Are you still experiencing problems? If so, it would probably be best to reach out to the support team at supportATcloudflareDOTcom so they can take an in depth look.


Hi Ryan,

I did and they said I should contact my host and ask them to delete, reinstall and reconfigure it to my machine’s ip

but then I wonder is it possible that my host used another machine as a gateway to cloudflare’s railgun system, which is why it is detecting that machine address instead of mine, can a railgun system be used in such way? or is there really a fault somewhere? anyone have a clue?