Railgun status activated but not working

I have activated Railgun in my account which was provided by my hosting provider. It shows status in cloudflare that it is activated but when I test then it shows status that “Railgun enabled: off” and cache status HIT.
I have also claire extension activated, it is also showing that Railgun is not activated for my domain.
I contacted my Hosting provider and they informed me that Railgun is working as they can see in the header response, Its a bug from cloudflare side
But I have a doubt that if it is really working and I don’t know if this header response is really for Railgun.

I have two page rules defined for my domain and when I remove 2nd rule then it shows Railgun enabled: ON and cache status to Dynamic

I don’t know what’s the problem because I have another domain with same page rule but for that Railgun is activated and Cache status is dynamic

I would be very happy if you can please tell me what’s the matter or is it really a bug.

Thank you

Railgun is made for delivering dynamic content faster. But as far as I know you will prevent that by activating “Cache Everything” as this caches completely static at CloudFlares Edge Servers.

Please try to disable Cache Everything, the clear Cache and test again if Railgun is activated

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