Railgun state active on old server from old web host. How do I enable Railgun with my current host?

Hi Guys & Girls,

I want to use Railgun with my current host, VentraIP. However, Railgun is still connected to my old web host, NetOrigin (Web07). See attached.

Please advise how I can connect my current hosting to Cloudflare & Railgun. Thank you.



Depends. It must be supported by your new provider.

If it’s a VPS or dedicated server you need to Install Railgun on your server. You can create a new Railgun host for your account to get a new activation key. This needs to be copied to the raulgun config.

Hi Mark,

Both my old server and new server are shared hosting. How do I disassociate my old server and connect the new?

Were you ever able to find a solution to this? I am running into the same problem and so far Cloudflare support has been unable to help.

No, never.

Since you guys are talking about shared hosting, it all comes down to the new hosting provider supporting Railgun. I used to have Railgun on my account with my old hosting provider. When I moved to my current one, I lost this feature, because it is only available when you set up Cloudflare through them and opt for a paid plan that has this feature. Strangely enough, my connection through my old host is still available. I have it turned off, but I have tested it occasionally and it always results in a OK.

Cloudflare should have an ‘Authorized Account Attachment’ or something. Or a de-authorize option. Something like this shouldn’t be linked to your Cloudflare account. I mean I don’t think an old host would appreciate you using their Railgun service. Cloudflare needs to fix it, I guarantee with people switching hosts in the future they are going to run into this more and more. I would be nice to get an official answer from Cloudflare on this?

Dor you try to delete this Railgun? Once you set up a new one, you’ll get a new activation key.

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Hi Mark,

No option exists in my case.

Please share your ticket IDs.

@cloonan can you have a look please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Where is the Ticket ID? I went straight to Cloudflare Community not to any ticketed support.

Thought you created a ticket as well @clarenceljw :slight_smile:

Hi @clarenceljw, to reach support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. Please share the ticket number and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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I created a ticket Request #1631615

The problem is I just can’t delete and re-add my site since Cloudflare is my Registar and my SSL certs are though them as well.

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I removed my Railgun from old hosting after, while trying to debug an issue, I found out, to my great surprise, that the number one IP sending visits to my website was my old hosting’s.

Not only I agree they would not appreciate it, but this may eventually pose a security and performance risk, as your website traffic is being routed through a company you have no more relations with. A company that is a Cloudflare partner today, may become, who knows?, an unsafe provider tomorrow.


I’ve been in contact with my old host and they say there is nothing showing my account tied to them. Does this mean that it is tied to Cloudflare’s end then? Shouldn’t they be able to remove it? Also @MarkMeyer my account looks like @clarenceljw account with no options.

I just received this from my old host:


Posted on: 29 January 2019 01:10 PM NEW


The issue you describe is a Cloudflare bug which we reported to them several years ago and have asked them for updates countless times and they don’t seem to think this is an issue. You will need to ask them to resolve this we have no way to solve it from our end.

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So apparently it is a Cloudflare issue and not a host issue, seems like they have known about it for awhile now.


I just wanted to say that Mark C. from Cloudflare support has fixed this problem for me. Thanks to all the help and support of the techs behind the scenes getting this resolved. I hope the other users get it resolved as well. Thanks again Cloudflare! :grinning:


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