Railgun security fail (i suppose it)


Hello , recently i remarked the traffic of different website trought my railgun , for unkown raison / the domain not added on my hosting partners and not activated , not normal , different screenshot of rg-report , before we view payement sub-domain and token in is url;

Railgun srv located in Paris(french srv)
Located in Haarlem (Netherlands)

An people can help ?

Since nobody has replied…and that’s a lot of log entries to parse…

I’m seeing a lot of log entries for many different domains. It would seem that your host is running a lot of domains through that one railgun listener.

Have you asked your host about this?

The host is me , and no one domain listed , is active in my railgun :confused:

I don’t use Railgun, so I have no idea why these other domains are being logged by your listener.

Maybe @cloonan can get someone’s attention on this.

I have remarked recently an fact scared me , with railgun-nats i have possibility to change traffic destination for unknow reason this configuration overwrites , the normal record like DNS . . . , in a test a re-routed all traffic of a website to in my nginx servers . . .

Have you asked your host about this? Maybe @cs-cf is around.

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