Railgun rg-diag -decode not working as documented?



According to https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/202963724-Reading-and-Interpreting-the-Cf-Railgun-Header you can use rg-diag -decode command to decode the railgun headers. But -decode for just the flag field doesn’t work according to that example ?

I get empty response when running the command

rg-diag -decode 0031


rg-diag -decode=0031

The full railgun header decode works though

rg-diag -decode="250c59ada8 0.00 0.003943 0031 0dda"
   Compression ratio 0.00%
     Railgun version 0dda
        Railgun Flag map.file used to change IP
        Railgun Flag rg-sender sent dictionary
        Railgun Flag rg-listener found dictionary
rg-listener -version
Railgun Server
Version: 5.3.2
Build: 2018-04-06-2036
Revision: 0dda087e376be1d25e8a8faa0f8a690b2162abc0
Go version: go1.7.1
rpm -qa railgun-stable

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