Railgun odditties

When I turn off the railgun service on my server and then I click “test” in Cloudflare, the test still passes!

Railgun is recommended to use a memcached instance with at least 1 Gig but the most I have ever seen the instance of memcached use is about 1 meg,

Test with railgun “off” will still ask Railgun if it can reach the domain, however, Railgun won’t be used for regular requests to your website if its off.

Memcache’s 1GB recommendation is likely accounting for many types of websites with hundreds of pages that can easily get Memcache to 1 gigabyte of memory usage, not to mention however much memory railgun itself might use.

Thanks for the response!

Still confused as to why they have a railgun test button which actually doesn’t test all railgun function aspects, especially important aspects like if it’s turned on and can it be connected to. I thought I was gtg. Turns out I wasn’t. There weren’t any errors and I could only tell by the clues in the logs and resource usage. ie some stats were missing and resource usage was insanely low. And if I turned on debug level logs for railgun, nothing new happened. Anyways, turns out I forgot to open the right firewall port. doh

Now we’re using some resources and I see lots of stuff in the logs.

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