Railgun™ not working

The “Railgun ™ feature that works on my other sites on the same server does not work on my user-ol.net site. Why?”

Is this a feature that’s configured by your host? Or are you using a Business/Enterprise plan?

I have a reseller account from “namecheap.com”. Pro plan on User-ol.net Cloudflare.

I’m not sure how that would work. If Railgun is managed by Namecheap, you’d have to use their Cloudflare configuration. But if you have a Pro Plan on Cloudflare, then you wouldn’t be using the Railgun plan at your host.

So there is no need for the “Railgun” feature in the Cloudflare connection on the server cpanel, right?

Railgun is nice, but you can do pretty well without it.

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