Railgun Issues

My websites kept receiving a “Error 521: Web server is down” emails.
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I sent these issues to my web host provider. Here is the chat transcript from my web host provider:

"The issue in this case was with railgun failing, which appears to have made sites using it, not fully function, showing the web service is down.

The logs don’t show why the service failed, but the process seem to be in a unresponsive state. I’ve corrected this issue and the sites should all function normally again.

I took a look again and it appears that although railgun was running, these errors did not go away even when I restarted railgun. I tried disabling the firewall as well. The only way I was able to get the errors to go away was to stop+disable the railgun service.

There are only two options here:

  1. We can leave Railgun disabled
  2. You will have to request additional information from Cloudflare, as to why when railgun is running, the site does not load and appears to think the web server is down, with the error not going away until railgun is stopped or in some cases restarted."

What do I do? How do we fix this issue?

Did you get this fixed?

Not at all…

I’m STILL waiting on someone to help me and respond

:wave: @user1335,

Rail gun is running in your environment. Has your host looked at the logs or have you opened a ticket with support at Cloudflare and provided them with the logs?

There is no actionable information in your post for anyone in the community to comment on unfortunately.

— OG

That is a very robotic non helpful response from them and is unrelated to anything to the actual issue at hadn.

You did not respond to the question.

HERE’S THE QUESTION AGAIN…what’s the specific reason why when railgun is enabled sites cannot be reached due to the origin error in some cases."

I need you all to actually look at the issue. When my host disables Railgun, there are no issues. When it’s enabled, the issue comes back on certain websites. Why is this?

:wave: @user1335,

beep boop :robot:

There is insufficient detail in your request for anyone to diagnose the issue. You can ask your host to increase logging as suggested in the KB above. Actually understanding the issue requires additional detail, otherwise it’s just guessing.

— OG

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