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Hello i have recently made a ticket 1559155 related to railgun issue, i havent received answers and i need to fix this because my site is not operational.

After i migrated my site to another server my site was showing full error 5xx, this is because railgun was actived but server had not installled railgun so my support server installed railgun service with memcache, but now the issue stills because my site cannot connect with railgun, in the ticked i made is the message and all the info that my hosting guys receive, please i need to fix this quickly because i have more than a week with this issue and my SEO is being affected.


Railgun is only available on our business or enterprise plans or when signed up through a railgun optimized partner utilizing their railgun instance. It does not appear that your zone meets any of those criteria.


Or perhaps it is using your hosts API key… but they have configured it incorrectly.

curl -I https://www.yourdomain.com provides additional information about the connection error in the cf-wan-error header field.


I was using railgun without problem since begining as a free member, i was using it on a Namecheap shared hosting and always after Test the railgun everything was correct, in fact my site was using it and never faced an issue with it, now after my server upgrade and my support team installed memcache/railgun i see this problem… Why i was using it as a free cloudflare member before and not i cant? i was not a busuness/enterprise member before when everything was working without issues.

In fact right now after i click test railgun, sometimes it show Correct and after it show Error, so its a eternal Loop Correct/Error.


Here i show what im facing, in fact sometimes railgun works like 30 seconds and after i doesn’t. Its a eternal loop.


As to know, my host is Namecheap, never faced issues as a free cloudflare member, when using Railgun on shared hosting. After my server upgrade to VPS i installed memcache/railgun on the same hosting Namecheap.


I need some support person to resolve this please my site is being badly affected and losing SEO by this reason. I opened the ticket #1559155 and no answers in 24 hours.


Namecheap support sent me this:


Thank you for your cooperation.

Unfortunately, Railgun service is still failing to start:
[23:11] [server1.MYDOMAIN.com ~] # service railgun start
Starting railgun: [ OK ]
Railgun successfully backgrounded, ensuring proper startup…
Error starting Railgun as a daemon. Running in foreground…

Error activating: Activation bypassed: Error making request: 400 Bad Request


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