Railgun installation on Godaddy's business plan hosting Cpanel

Hi everyone

I am planning to upgrade from Pro to Business plan for the extra speed option such as Railgun, bypass cookies and all that. I read some documentation about Railgun installation but i still not sure where to start.

I am hosting my WordPress website with Godaddy business plan, HERE is the description of the hosting plan.

After i activate my Business plan with Cloudflare, where should i go first and what should have been done in order to install Railgun to my Godaddy’s Cpanal?

Many thanks!

I am planning to go for a VPS with Godaddy very soon. Since they have root access and i can configure Railgun to make my site even faster.

To be able to install railgun you need shell access to the server running the site:


I’m not sure you get that with a standard Go Daddy hosting plan, at least I didn’t see it listed in the link you sent. Railgun works to try and accelerate the dynamic content, so for a site like @anon56377781’s where there is a lot of large static content Railgun won’t make any difference in the perf of static content.

Railgun showing up in Cpanel is something done by hosting partners for their customers. A standard installation of railgun by a standalone customer doesn’t show up in any UI.

I go for Business plan at Cloudflare because the datacenter of Godaddy is loacted in US which is very far away from the location where i want to promote my website (HK, Taiwan, PRC etc.) I will definitely go for VPS at Godaddy, however, i just called their rep. today and they told i can’t swap plan as i have renewed my shared hosting plan in Dec 2017 already and told me to forfeit the original plan and just purchase another VPS server for upgrade. I think this is totally non-sense.

With Cloudlfare business plan now, i setup CNAME, Rocket loading, Argo, Cache everything with bypass cache on cookies, my site load very fast too and hit 81 points at Google speed test, i am not sure this is a high score or not but my site load way faster than ever before. I hope with the help of VPS and future installation of Railgun, my site’s dynamic content can lead even faster, especially after a user logged in.

i understand Railgun’s logic, thanks for your clarification.

As mentioned above, my site load very very fast now in logged out status. It load fast too in logged in status but it just not that level of fast. As Railgun helps to improves dynamic content loading speed, will it help my site load faster in logged in status? or i have misunderstanding anything?