Railgun installation for Windows server 2016

We have an existing windows server 2016 r2 server.
We want to use the raid feature on Cloudflare. We need to follow a path.
The documentation says that the raid is for the linux operating system.
Is there anything he can do to help?

Railgun is not currently supported on Windows. Note that you can run Railgun on a separate server to your web server (in the same local network, we would recommend) so you could utilise a separate server running a compatible OS to do that… or even a Linux VM.

I would also note that Cloudflare Tunnel provides the benefit of a persistent connection to your origin and can be run on Windows, which is something you might consider:

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We installed the ubuntu operating system on our windows server via VM and tried to setup the railgun.
We have completed the installation of the railgun, but we can not get it to work.
We have filled in the API parameters necessary to create an ACK key, but we fall to the HOST_Key error.

In our slang tuned server we keep the terminal screen running continuously.
But we can not see how fast it is.

This sounds like you might not have the right details entered in your railgun configuration file. I would contact support directly about this and share as much information as you can.

Note you need to be a Cloudflare Business plan customer or an Optimised hosting partner to be able to run Railgun on your server.

I have a Cloudflare Business plan but the host_key does not work

There’s no host_key required to install rg-listener and run it. You’ll need to follow this guide:


The configuration requires you to enter the activation.token in the railgun.conf file. This token is retrieved from the Cloudflare dashboard when you add the Railgun.


Thank you dear Simon,

We ran a railgun on our linux virtual server, which we did the raidgun setup.

We entered the key, but we did not see it providing speed support.
We could even say that he never accelerated.

I’m adding a picture. In this picture, there are some railgun test results.
Acaba can not login in the login screen.
I am waiting for your help in this regard.![qweqwewqe|586x490]



Hi there,

I can’t see that screenshot, but note that Railgun will reduce the TTFB and overall transfer time for a dynamic request. To understand how Railgun is performing, pay attention to the cf-railgun header:


Hello there,

I can imagine that I added the picture again.
I understand from this picture that the railgun can not pass by the login panel.
Is it correct?
I could not find the place to give the URL.


OK, it looks like your railgun is not actually running or contactable:

$ for i in {1..3}; do curl https://rkpbahis.com/ -svo /dev/null 2>&1 | egrep -i "cf-railgun"; done;
< cf-railgun: direct (starting new WAN connection)
< cf-railgun: direct (starting new WAN connection)
< cf-railgun: direct (starting new WAN connection)

So what I would recommend here is first of all making sure the railgun server is started on your origin, and secondly make sure that it is contactable over TCP Port 2408 externally.

There’s a guide on this specific situation here:


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