Railgun Errors when Performing Actions in WP Admin Backend


I have been facing some erros with Railgun recently. When I perform some actions in the WordPress backend like update page, enable/disable/delete plugin … and especially if I do multiple of those actions at the same time, it leads to Railgun Error.

Any idea what’s wrong there?

Hi all,

I got one more occurence just now. The action I did was simply opening the “All Pages” of wp-admin…

Can anyone help?


Railgun is a tool that depends on your origin server configuration being properly set, and it’s unlikely you’ll get a ready solution from the Community.

Do you have your site on a direct account with Cloudflare or via partner (hosting) setup?

Cloudflare > Cloudflare support, chose third option “More Help” and open a ticket.

Partner > Contact their support for help.

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