Railgun doesn't appear to be active/working

Dear CF community/team,

Im at a point of confusion at this stage in need of some clarification regarding whether or not railgun is in fact active and working.

In short, I’ve deployed the railgun software on my Ubuntu Wordpress instance and have configured it to connect to a Cloudflare Optimized Partner’s account. At a glance, it appears to have activated successfully and within the partner’s Railgun console, the associated railgun reads that it’s ‘Active’.

Now, running some basic tests using CF’s Claire plugin for chrome, I’m not seeing any railgun headers or validation that it’s at all working for my site.

Referencing railgun’s instructions (https://www.cloudflare.com/docs/railgun/installation.html), there is a section heading titles ‘Going Live’ which adds to the confusion. The question is, does the partner need to perform any additional API based activation for the mentioned railgun installation? One would assume that if the railgun status reads ‘Active’ from within their console that everything should be working…

Greatly appreciate any help on the topic.

Thanks all.

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