Railgun, Cloudflare Tunnel for Caching Dynamic Content on AlmaLinux 8.5

Hi everyone, till now I am using Railgun to cache the dynamic content on e-commerce site and everything goes well. But I decide to move to AlmaLinux as CentOS8 is EOL and CentOS7 will be in next 1-2 years.

But shocked to know Cloudflare don’t support the AlmaLinux, Railgun is not EOL according to them, but due no packages to install on AlmaLinux. So, what are the best alternatives we have, move to CentOS 7.x or use Argo Tunnel (not sure how this works good like Railgun)

Anyone experienced in simple language will explain and help in this matter ??

Cloudflare has introduced a number of better solutions than Railgun since it’s introduction and expanded its network ten fold. Tunnel or Argo smart routing will likely improve perf in most scenarios… add in workers or advanced cache rules. Lots of opportunities to improve dynamic content delivery.

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Thanks for responding, I am already using the Argo smart routing but not aware how workers help in caching dynamic content.

When you said “advanced cache rules”, so may I know which one you are talking about, currently we are using Cache Everything, and dynamic updated content is served by Railgun.

In the absence of Railgun, how to serve a updated dynamic content with Cache Eevrything rule.

Pls. share your thoughts on this. Thanks

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