Railgun at free tariff

Today I noticed that on one of my domains the Railgun feature has become active.
I have a free tariff. If this is a beta test, then I have not received notifications (Maybe because my e-mail didn’t work for a couple of days).

Is this feature on the account temporarily?

Hi @user8852, it appears to be enabled for two of your zones but is not active. And, since you did not install anything on your server, it won’t be active. I’ll dig internally for clues as to why it’s showing as enabled and post back when I find something.

Edit - Some references to a UI defect that causes railgun to show as active. Chased it down internally and this is known and being tracked. It can be introduced in accounts that have a mix of biz and free zones or zones that were moved from a partner. If it causes any issue (it should not), please let support know.

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Can I use Railgun if it is displayed as active in the interface?(I did not receive partner token)

I doubt you’ll be able to use it successfully as it’s not fully set up.

What i know is if you pointed your domain to an IP or IPs block / ranges eg. that have railgun listeners enabled, a list of railguns will show on your Cloudflare. You can use it (if legitimate) but it may doesn’t work properly (521 error, direct or slow if your origin is too far…). I was tried to point my test domain to Cloudflare IPs and some hosting providers IPs, activate railgun then switch back to my origin IP and get a working railgun enabled website, it’s just a test case because a nearby railgun from my origin are unstable, another working but slow and “Cloudflare’s” railguns alway show direct. So i decided to deactivate and nerver use it. But i am confirmed in another case, i have a cloud origin in US and tried to connecting it with a railgun located in US, in this case working fine.