Rail gun on free package


Is railgun available on Cloudflare for free website package?
I am on free package for my domain pakbreed.com railgun is active but the status is this Compression: NaN%

As you can see there is no compression at all. Can you please help. thank you

It’s a UI bug. Railgun is available only in Business+ plans

strange. thank why i am seeing an option to activate rail gun and when you test it, it is saying railgun is successfully activated for your domain pakbreed.com

If it is not available for free plans than it must be removed from free plans to avoid such confusions. thank for replying

Some hosting providers offer Railgun as part of their plans. When my website was hosted by A2 Hosting, I used to have Railgun available. Even after I migrated my site to another host, Railgun remained available on the UI, and strangely enough I was able to use it! However, my requests were being sent to A2 and from there to my current hosting, so I turned it off. But on the UI it remains available.

This is normal for the first conncetion attempt because the connection between rg-listener an sender geht’s dropped after a few idle seconds.

However, you shouldn’t be able to activate RG on a free plan except you are using a partner that offers Railgun in their plan.
I just noticed, that railgun shows up for my free site with a configured listener from my BIZ site. Either a bug or RG is activated per account, i am not sure.

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