Radio station hosting

hello Cloudflare is there a way that i can host my online station
on my Cloudflare account, instead of hosting it locally and bogging up my pc?
if this can be achieved how can this be done what ports should i have in icecast.xml config
i would like to host it something like coolvibes-reloaded .com:some cfport/icecast

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TL;DR: Don’t do it. Your account will get banned due to a violation of 2.8 of the Cloudflare Terms.

Cloudflare does not (typically) provide hosting services.

There are some dedicated Cloudflare products (such as Cloudflare Stream and Cloudflare Stream Delivery) that will enable you to deliver streaming media content, but neither support ICY (Icecast, Shoutcast etc.) format streaming.

The Cloudflare cache will not cache ICY streams. They will work through the normal reverse-proxy, but your origin server will still be delivering each and every stream.


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