Radar is reporting wrong geolocation

Radar is reporting wrong IPv6 geolocation by ASN, and not where IP is located

I am using IPv6 tunnel from he.net
Hurricane Electric has ASN which is in US
I am using /48 subnet assigned via Frankfurt, Germany BGP tunnel.
My location is in Lithuania.

When checking GeoIP location on many websites (whatismyip etc), they detect correctly that I am in Lithuania by IPv6 address

https://radar.cloudflare.com/ip - checks only ASN, which is wrong.
How to report this issue to Cloudflare?

Cloudflare uses MaxMind geolocation data. What does MaxMind show for your IPv6 netblock?

MaxMind shows: Location United States (US), North America

IP2Location: Lithuania
ipinfo: Lithuania
IPregistry: Lithuania
IPGeolocation: Lithuania
ipbase: Lithuania
DB-IP: Germany
IPapi: Germany

2001:470:740e::/48,LT, - tunnelbroker exports configuration corectly

Since Cloudflare uses MaxMind geolocation data, the result will only change once MaxMind updates their database. I don’t know if MaxMind will accept an update request from you or if it will need to come from Hurricane Electric.

I jave submitted correction to MaxMind half a year ago, but no changes yet on their side. It is like banging head on the wall and waiting for the wall to speak up.
If cloudflare is going to keep using outdated MaxMind IP database, then it is two dead ends.

It is hard to believe, that such a giant as Cloudflare could be using such static database from MaxMind…

It is like 50y.o. man playing with the toy cars… unbelievable!!

If we are returning the geolocation of the ASN, then that is a known issue that we are in the process of addressing. If the problem is on the Maxmind side with respect to the geolocation of the IP address/prefix, then it will need to be addressed with them, as you know.

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Does Cloudflare allow users to select which geolocation data source to use?

I have contacted MaxMind yesterday to update my ipv6 subnet’s Location and got confirmation that it will go into tomorrow’s build (March 22nd)
I think, that the issue is on the MaxMind’s side, they are not updating IP locations dynamically, like many other providers, and stay usually for years out of date. They are not the leaders in the industry.

In my opinion: MaxMind is in 7th or 10th top position only of providing most accurate GeoLocation results.

We do have an going incident with this issue that is currently being worked on: